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Conquer Your Golf Back Pain

Tired of twisting shots ruining your round in golf? The twisting and repetitive motions involved in golf can place stress on the lower back muscles and spinal structure. This is a common cause of lower back pain, especially among avid golfers. If lower back pain has you clinging to your golf bag instead of swinging freely, this article may offer you some self-help strategies.

Golf back pain - symptoms and causes

To fix and prevent golf-related back pain, we have to get into the root causes – most commonly spinal and core muscle weakness, as well as overloading in repetitive rotational movements. Repetitive microtrauma to spinal muscles shift the torsional force towards your spinal facets and discs. Being cushions in your spines, discs share the torsional force if our spinal muscles aren't resilient and our facet joints aren't mobile. Symptoms may appear as localised aches and referred pain and/or numbness to your legs, which possibly involve nerve compression over your lumbar spine.

Keep your spine healthy in golf

PHYSIOTHERAPY treatment modalities including manual therapy, acupuncture and shockwave are proven to be effective in calming golf-related lower back pain. Rehab exercises focusing on building up spinal and core muscles, especially towards anti-rotation are to bulletproof your spine and discs  to better handle the rotational demands of golf swings long-term.

Start protecting your back with these 3 exercises:


1)    Lying oblique twist

2)    Side plank with rotation

3)    Pallof press


Check out the video below for more detailed instructions:

Don’t ignore the early signs of more severe spinal condition. If small niggles and aches bother you over a month, reach out to physiotherapists for a more detailed assessment and treatment plan to prevent longer term consequences as mentioned above.

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